Meet the chef: Allister Bishop

With Salcombe Crabfest now just a few months away, we thought it would be great to get to know the demo chefs coming along to our 2020 event a little better. First to feature is experienced South Devon based chef Allister Bishop.

Allister has had an exceptional career, formerly acting as Harrods and South Sands Executive Head Chef. He is currently the Group Executive Chef of a number of pubs, including the successful and popular eateries The Abbey Inn at Buckfastleigh, and The Edgcumbe Arms in Cremyll. We asked this knowledgeable foodie his thoughts on the upcoming Salcombe Crabfest.

Tell us a little about your love of Salcombe Crabfest and being a chef in South Devon.
2020 will be my third year demonstrating at the event, and I can’t wait. The thing I love about Crabfest, and about being a chef in South Devon generally, is that the ingredients are just so diverse. The region has a wonderful coastline, plus rolling green pastures… it makes it difficult to nail down a favourite ingredient or product. The produce here is just so fresh!

Do you enjoy preparing and eating crab?
I absolutely LOVE crab. Possibly my favourite recipe is Crab Cakes. They are just so delicious, light and fluffy – not heavy and stodgy at all. Making them is simply a case of using fresh white crab meat, spring onions, a little salt and pepper, fresh white bread crumbs and a couple of spoonfuls of mayonnaise. Shape them into fishcakes, and then dip them in flour, egg and breadcrumbs… simple and delicious!!!

I also have a love of fresh hand dived scallops – preferably hand dived so as to preserve the seabed where possible.

What are your highlights of the Crabfest?

“It’s not just about the crab… Salcombe Crabfest is a wonderful opportunity to showcase all the truly incredible produce we have here in Devon”.

Every year I look forward to it. It is a rare opportunity for Devon producers to showcase their amazing products – and the event is very much a growing entity… each year it seems to draw more people and grow in size. For me, one of the fundamental aspects of Crabfest is that it brings the whole local community together under the Salcombe crab banner. The atmosphere is incredible, and not to be missed.

We can’t wait to see Allister in action on 3rd May.