Salcombe Distilling Co. launch ‘Shoreside’ Gin exclusive to Crabfest

In celebration of Crabfest 2022, event sponsor Salcombe Distilling Co. (SDCo.) have developed a Victuallers special edition gin ‘Shoreside’, exclusively available at their retail store in Salcombe during the festival on 1st May.

Distilled and crafted to pair with the wealth of seafood available at Crabfest, this exceptionally smooth gin will be available at SDCo. distillery bar to enjoy in their ‘Sea Breeze’ cocktail, or as a non-alcoholic alternative in their ‘No Breeze’ cocktail.

Inspired by the stunning South West coastline, SDCO.’s expert distillers have used a selection of hand sourced botanicals in the making of ‘Shoreside’ that were both inspired by popular seafood dishes and the Salcombe Schooner vessels which carried fresh fruits and spices from around the world to England’s ports.

The botanicals used in this gin include; Macedonian juniper berries, coriander, orris root, bay leaf, elderflower, coconut, orange, angelica, fennel, heather, rose petals, sea buckthorn, sage, birch bark, samphire, elderberry, pepper dulse which gives the gin a rich pepper undernote, wrack weed for a classic saline mouthfeel and a slightly smoked bladder wrack to adopt rich, earthy, yet obvious seaweed flavours.

You can sample this exclusive gin at their retail store on Island Street. With only 300 bottles produced, this gin is set to be a show stopper. RRP £37.50.

For more information about Salcombe Gin visit

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