Award winning chefs

Award winning chef Demonstrations

Jane Baxter – Award winning chef and author of cook books, with her next one due out in May.  Jane also writes a regular column with Henry Dimbleby in the Saturday Guardian Cook.  Jane has worked with George Perry Smith at Riverside in Helford, followed by a stint at The Carved Angel in Dartmouth under Joyce Molyneux.  There has also been stints at The River Cafe in London followed by a few years living and working in the Pacific. On her return she worked for Riverford and wrote the recipes for their cook books. Jane and her business partner Samantha Miller run Wild Artichokes Food and Events in Kingsbridge, providing exciting and delicious dining and food for every occasion.


Allister Bishop – New executive chef at South Sands and brings with him decades of experience having worked in London at some very reputable establishments, including Harrods, Le Meridien and Hilton.

Joseph Robinson – he has worked in restaurants such as The Railroad Cafe Bistro and Arnold and Henderson in London and since moving to Devon has continued his creative trade, painting and running pop up dinners and spice based banquets.

Joseph Robinson - Ward Room

Andy Richardson – A Yorkshire lad with experience in some of the UK’s top hotels and is now at the helm of the Oyster Shack kitchen.  His ethos is about keeping it simple, sustainable and fresh!

ANDY Richardson - Oyster Shack





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