Behind the Scenes with Crabfest photographer Martyn Norsworthy

At Salcombe Crabfest, we are very lucky to have the international award-winning South Devon based photographer Martyn Norsworthy as our official photographer.  Here we find out a little more about the man behind the hugely successful business Norsworthy Photography – as well as delving behind the scenes of the Crabfest 2020 sponsors photoshoot.

Martyn, please tell us a little about yourself, the awards you have won and your business Norsworthy Photography.
I have been a keen photographer since a very young age. I started Norsworthy Photography in its current form in 2006 (having started first in 1991) and since then it has gone from strength to strength. I specialise in Weddings, Portraits, commercial photography, and of course the exceptionally popular ‘Pet Paw-traits’!

Accolades I have won include Honourable Mention Awards at the Moscow and Tokyo International Photo Awards, plus multiple Honourable Mention Awards at the PX-3 Prix de la Paris. Also First Prize in the Weddings Category of the PX-3 Prix de la Paris, as well as 2nd & 3rd place.

In my spare time I love exploring South Devon – I am lucky enough to live in such an extraordinarily beautiful region, with miles of unspoilt coastline and the rugged beauty of Dartmoor National Park just up the road. I’m never short of inspiration! And with so many events like Salcombe Crabfest to enjoy throughout the year, there is no better place to relax and unwind.

Thank you for taking our official sponsors photos, back on a chilly January afternoon. How did it go?
It was a beautiful afternoon. The tides and weather were definitely in our favour! I had a vision of capturing representatives from the main event sponsors Salcombe Gin, Coast & Country Cottages and Marchand Petit – plus some members of The Rotary Club of Salcombe who organise Crabfest – all aboard a crabber. I thought it would be great to have them all gathered at Tenacious’ bow, with Salcombe as a backdrop.

Jon Dornom and his crabber Tenacious came to the rescue, along with some huge cock crabs he had caught earlier that day! After the Crabfest ‘team’ boarded the crabber, I jumped aboard a smaller boat, kindly driven by Phil Goodhead from Salcombe Harbour Office, and off we went into the middle of Salcombe estuary to capture the shot.

We managed to get some beautiful photographs, although it is no easy task trying to keep the 50 tonne Tenacious in the position you want! I was delighted with the finished result though.

So are we Martyn! What makes it so tricky trying to work in these conditions?
Well obviously the tides can cause issues with drifting. The positioning of the sun can also make things tricky. And of course, I was aboard a smaller vessel, so being heard by those on board Tenacious was sometimes a challenge… that is why we had a practice run before we left the Fish Quay!

On to the day of Crabfest, what do you enjoy most about photographing the event?
I have photographed Crabfest since it began, five years ago. I always do it free of charge as I am so passionate about this charity event, and the positive impact the money raised has on local organisations.

I love photographing Crabfest, it’s a great day out and so good to see the streets of Salcombe full of people who flock to the town for the event. Also over the years it’s been great to photograph the likes of Mary Berry, and also to get to know Matt Tebbutt too. It’s a joy to help raise money for such worthy causes.

Do you yourself enjoy crab, and do you get the chance to enjoy much of the festival?
Oddly enough I am allergic to shellfish! My grandmother’s family were all Crabbers from Beesands so maybe it’s an intolerance built up over 100’s of years… but I enjoy supporting the industry.

Your work is exceptional and is the result of your boundless creativity, skill and experience. If you could offer one piece of advice to those budding photographers looking to follow in your footsteps, what would it be?
I was lucky enough to want to take photos from a very young age. Today we are bombarded with images and the ability to capture images on phones as well as cameras. The main thing is to develop what you see, keep taking photos and develop a style. When you see the world through photographers eyes it’s a very different place….

Find out more about Norsworthy Photography at
Facebook – @NorsworthyPhotography
Twitter – @NorsworthyPhoto
Instagram – @NorsworthyPhotography

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